Transfer Information

Planning for your future

It is never too early to plan, and your student success coach will be right by your side during your journey. Your student success coach will help you plan out your education journey and your life after LLCC — whether that is transferring, improving a skill set or entering the workforce. Our students have gone on to be actors, laborers, teachers, doctors, politicians, entrepreneurs, nurses, chefs and more!

Your student success coach can explain the transfer process if that is your goal. They can coach you as to what steps to take and when to make them to start this process. Students planning to transfer to another school after LLCC should start researching schools of interest within their first semester at LLCC. Talk to your student success coach about the intended school(s) and how to contact a support staff member at that school to discuss the transfer. Student success coaches also encourage and teach students to use transfer tools such as transferology or itransfer and calculate their GPA.

LLCC collaborates with colleges and universities to offer partnership agreements. The purpose of these agreements is to make transferring a seamless process. Be sure to meet with your student success coach about your transfer plans and view current agreements and partnerships on our Articulation & Partnership Agreements webpage.