Documentation Guidelines

Students requesting disability-related accommodations at Lincoln Land Community College must submit supporting documentation from a licensed or credentialed evaluator in support of the student's self-reported need for accommodations.

Supporting documentation must include:

Licensed or credentialed evaluator

  • Documentation must come from a licensed or credentialed evaluator who has specific training or expertise related to the condition being diagnosed.

Clear diagnostic statement

  • Statement must describe how the condition was diagnosed and provide information on the functional impact of the condition. This may include, but is not limited to, a clinical description, DSM diagnostic code, educational assessments, neuropsychological assessment or instruments specific to areas of information processing.

Description of limitations

  • Descriptions of the current environmental barriers or functional limitations related to the condition help establish the possible disability and identify possible accommodations. Quality documentation will demonstrate how a major life activity is significantly, amply, or substantially limited by providing evidence of frequency, pervasiveness of the condition(s) and the environmental barriers experienced.

Impact of disability on academic performance

Documentation should reflect the current impact of the disability on academic performance. If the documentation is inadequate in scope, content, or does not address the individual's current level of functioning and need for accommodations, reevaluation may be warranted


  • Suggested accommodations.
  • Description of the progression or stability of the disability over time and in context.
  • Diagnostic methods must be congruent with the disability and with current professional practices in the field.