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Internships at LLCC

Internships are mutually beneficial, providing students with valuable real-world experience while offering employers access to emerging talent and a chance to shape potential future employees.

What is an internship? 

Internships allow you to explore your interests while gaining practical experience in your field. You work with professionals who will have first-hand knowledge of your skills. An onsite supervisor will mentor and support you during your internship. While an internship is no guarantee that you will be hired once your internship has ended, it’s a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and could very well lead to a full-time position!

What are the benefits of an internship?  

  • Get up-to-speed on trends in your industry.
  • Test out a career path.
  • Develop and refine critical skills such as communications, decision-making and problem-solving skills within your internship environment.  
  • Acquire marketable skills to distinguish yourself from other job applicants. 
  • Better prepare for employment.  
  • Possibly secure a job as internships act as a pipeline to organizations and industries.  
  • Strengthen your resume.  
  • Expand your professional network.  
  • Increase your advancement opportunities.  

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