Study Area Analysis

To assess your personal study area, please print and complete the study area analysis handout.

Often, just improving your study area can increase concentration.  The following will help determine whether the places you most use for study add to or detract from good concentration.  Describe the two places that you most often study. Write true or false for each item. If you answer several statements with "true," you may wish to seek out a more effective study area.

  1. People often interrupt me when I study here.
  2. Many things I see here distract my attention.
  3. I can often hear the radio or TV here.
  4. I can hear the phone ringing here.
  5. I tend to take my breaks here.
  6. I seem to be especially likely to daydream here.
  7. I usually don’t study here at regular times.
  8. My breaks are too long when I study here.
  9. I am often distracted by conversation here.
  10. There are many objects here that have nothing to do with studying.
  11. It is usually too warm or cold here.
  12. I don’t have a good writing surface or comfortable chair here.
  13. The light is too bright or dim.
  14. I use this place only for studying.

Adapted from: "Systems for Study" by A. L. Raygor and D. M. Wark