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Barbara Eades
Assistant Director, Foundation | Foundation
Menard Hall
Assistant Coach, Volleyball | Athletics
Brian Earley
Assistant Professor, Auto Technology | Workforce Institute
Workforce Careers Center
Jeffery Eason
Help Desk Specialist I | Information Technology
Sangamon Hall
Julie Eason
Assistant to the Vice President | Administrative Services
Menard Hall
Sociology Adjunct Instructor | Social Sciences & Business
Library Systems & Data Manager | Library
Sangamon Hall
Kim Eddings
Director, Accessibility Services | Student Success
Millennium Center
Chris Edmonds
Program Director, Construction Trades | Workforce Institute
Workforce Careers Center
Course Materials Coordinator | Campus Services
Menard Hall
Brenda Elliott
Director, Work-Based Learning | Advancement
Menard Hall
Morgan Lord Elliott
Student Success Coach I | Student Success
Millennium Center
Tiffany Elliott
Academic Support Programs Coordinator | Center for Academic Success
Sangamon Hall
Kelly Ellis
Student Records Evaluator | Admissions & Records
Millennium Center
Peter Embalabala
Professor, Math | Mathematics & Computer Science
Sangamon Hall
Professor, English | English & Humanities
Menard Hall
Timothy Ervin
Director, Construction & Environmental, Health & Safety | Construction Management
Mason Hall
Welding Adjunct Instructor | Workforce Institute
Auto Technology Adjunct Instructor | Workforce Institute
Fire Science Adjunct Instructor | Health Professions
Hospitality Adjunct Instructor | Workforce Institute