OTA: How to Apply

If you are a new student to LLCC, visit our Earning a Credit Degree of Certificate page first to learn more about these general steps to enrollment.

If you are a current or returning student, proceed to the next steps listed below.

Be aware of the OTA program application dates and deadlines. Please note that there are designated application windows to apply.

Applications are being accepted until December 2021 for the spring 2022 cohort.

Admission and program requirements are subject to change.

  1. Attend an OTA program information session.
  2. High school transcripts with proof of graduation or GED certificate on file in LLCC Admission/Records/Registration.
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges ever attended evaluated by LLCC Admission/Records/Registration.
  4. Demonstrate placement into a college-level mathematics course (MAT 104, its equivalent or above).
  5. Placement into EGL 101 or complete all appropriate developmental courses.
  6. Two years of high school lab sciences within five years, or two semesters of college lab sciences (BIO 101, BIO 175) with grades of “C” or above within five years.
  7. GPA of 2.5 or higher for all previous college courses.
  8. Complete the ATI-TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills). A Basic score is required, Proficient score (55% or higher) is preferred. The TEAS score must be within 36 months of the end date of candidacy.
  9. Submit the OTA program application. Students should submit the OTA program application after all requirements are met.
  10. Completion of seven hours of observation with an OT or OTA, and submission of the OTA Observation Form.

General education courses

  • EGL 101 Composition I
  • BIO 175 Anatomy and Physiology I*
  • BIO 176 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 220 Human Development
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

*Requires one year of high school biology with a grade of "B" or higher within the past five years, or BIO 101 with a grade of "C" or higher within the past five years, or a passing score on the BIO 175 prerequisite waiver exam within the past five years.

Residency criteria

Chapter 112, Section 103-17, of the Illinois Public Community College Act requires that whenever enrollment in a program must be restricted because of space limitations, a college must give preference to district residents. Consequently, admission to Health Career programs for students who live outside of LLCC District #526 vary per program based on space available and qualified applicant pools.

Qualified applicants (those who have met all admission requirements) will be placed in rank order based on the number of points received on the application rubric. Applicants’ points will be evaluated at the time of application only; point total will not be recalculated once the application is submitted.

Points will be awarded based on:

  1. GPA
  2. ATI TEAS Exam
  3. Prior academic achievement
  4. Completion and grade in each of the core OTA program general education courses
  5. Volunteer experience reflection essay.