Political Science

At a Glance

Political theory • Government • Law • Public administration

The strength of a democratic republic depends on the participation of its citizenry, and for participation to be meaningful, it must be informed. Politics touches every aspect of our life, and this is directly influenced by our knowledge and practice of it. Democratic governments depend upon the consent of those they govern for their legitimacy and to authorize their actions. For this consent to be meaningful, it must be informed and conscious.

Political science is the study of governmental institutions and political behavior on an individual and collective level. As a transfer field, it is divided into political theory, American government and public law, public administration, comparative government, and international law, organization and relations. At LLCC, degree and non-degree students alike are provided practical information about the political institutions and processes essential for informed participation in a democratic society and a political world — both domestic and global. LLCC’s program prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges or universities as well as opportunities for more specialized study.