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A student's one-stop, on-the-go source for campus and community resources

To download

Download the app on your smart device or search on the web by entering “”

What's on the app

Here are some of the many things you can find within the Lincoln Landing App.

  • Convenient health screen tool — As we continue our journey through the COVID-19 pandemic, the primary focus is to ensure the continued health and safety of the LLCC community. One of the safety measures to assist with this process is to have students and visitors complete a health screening prior to attending any face-to-face class or on campus activity. View more details below.
  • The college calendar provides a complete list of public events occurring from Student Life and the various clubs and organizations that make up the office. Additionally, you can access important academic dates such as tuition deadlines, add and drop dates, when class begins and end for the semester and more. 
  • One of the app's most used features, the campus resources folder, houses information such as:
    • The A-Z Guide 
    • The list of active clubs and organizations 
    • Students rights and responsibilities 
    • Ways to connect with your student success coach
    • Title IX resources
  • Are you looking for your class? Look no further than the Lincoln Landing App to connect with building layouts on main campus and at each Outreach Center. 
  • Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or depressed? Access your free sessions with Talkspace through the Lincoln Landing App. Once you receive your keyword from your student success coach, logging onto a session of Talkspace is as simple as clicking a button in our app. 
  • Are you looking for assistance off campus? The community resources folder in the Lincoln Landing App has a wealth of information for local, non-LLCC resources available to students.    

About the health screening tool

LLCC launched the Lincoln Landing App, which contains a built-in screening tool that provides instructions on how to proceed when COVID issues arise by issuing a badge.


Students should access the app and complete the screening questions prior to arriving on campus for face-to-face class or on campus activity. This should be completed each day the student plans to be physically present at any LLCC facility.

  • Download the app on your smart device, or search on the web by entering “”
  • Log in to the Lincoln Landing app using "Login with existing account" (you will need to use your LLCC email and password)
  • Click on the “COVID-19 screening” tile and answer the questions at the top: 
    • If you are fully vaccinated, answer the questions and upload your vaccination card. You will only need to do this once. 
    • If you are not fully vaccinated, click no and proceed to answer the health screener questions. If it doesn’t allow you to select the final question, then click on the bottom where it has your name and choose your location that you intend to take classes or that you are closest to if you take online classes. 

Once the screening questions are answered, students are issued a green badge or a red badge, instructing them on how they should proceed.

If you experience any issues, feel free to text us at 217-885-4337.


Download the app on your smart device or search on the web by entering “” Once the app is downloaded, click the Register button at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to enter your first name, last name and role. For role, select Other. Then enter your phone number and click NEXT. Enter your address, and click NEXT. You will then be prompted to enter your email address and to choose a password. Prior to coming to campus, you will access this app and select the COVID-19 screening button. Answer all the questions and select the appropriate location that you will be visiting.

A badge will be issued based on the answers to the questions:

  • The green badge will allow on campus access. This badge should be shown to any LLCC employee requesting verification of successful COVID screening.
Green circle with white check mark - Thank You. You may proceed to campus.
  • The red badge will instruct you to remain off campus. Students should contact their instructor. Students who receive this will also be contacted by the LLCC COVID-19 Student Health Coordinator within 24 hours, or the next business day. Instructions will be given at that time on how to proceed.
Red Stop Sign - Do Not Come to Campus. Notify your instructor your physical access to campus has been blocked due to your COVID student health checker responses.

Thank you for helping to keep our LLCC community safe!