Who needs to be assessed?

All students new to LLCC must be assessed unless they meet one of the following conditions:

  1. Hold a degree at the bachelor's level or above;
  2. Have achieved grades of a C or better in a college-level English course (EGL 101 , its equivalent, or above) and a college-level mathematics course (MAT 104, its equivalent, or above) from any accredited college or university; or
  3. Have earned an SAT score of 480 or better in the writing/reading and 530 or better in math sections and/or have an ACT score of 18 or better in English, ACT score of 22 or better in mathematics.

Placement testing facts

The information below is for those who choose to complete ACCUPLACER testing for entrance into an English course

  • There are two possible components to the test: reading and Write Placer Plus (essay)
  • A student can expect to spend an average of 30 minutes on each portion of the test. However, the placement tests are not timed. It is common for a student to spend 1-1/2 hours completing the entire assessment.
  • Placement testing is offered at the Springfield campus as well as the Outreach Centers in Beardstown, Jacksonville, Litchfield and Taylorville.
  • All testers ARE REQUIRED to present valid identification, such as a state drivers license, that contains a current picture.
  • There is no charge to students for this service.
  • LLCC utilizes computer-based testing, so your scores are available immediately upon completion of the tests.
  • You may not use a calculator or dictionary on the assessment.
  • Students are permitted to retest once with permission from a student success coach or placement and testing staff.
  • Students wishing to retest must obtain written permission from an authorized individual in student success or the testing center staff.

How can I prepare for the placement test?

You are strongly encouraged to do some preparation before taking the placement test. This is particularly important if you have not taken a math course within the past year. The following links have study guides or materials that may be helpful in your preparation.