Medical Coding: How to Apply

If you are a new student to LLCC, visit our Earning a Credit Degree or Certificate page first to learn more about these general steps to enrollment.

If you are a current or returning student, proceed to the information listed below.

Admission requirements

Twenty-four students are admitted each fall semester. Application deadline is the last business day in June.

This checklist does not guarantee admission into the program. It is to be used for guiding purposes only and to assist students in determining if they are ready to apply to the program.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify LLCC Admission/Records/Registration when requirements have been met.

Admission and program requirements are subject to change.

  1. Attend a mandatory information session.
  2. Submit the LLCC admission application.
  3. Submit high school transcripts with proof of graduation or GED certificate to LLCC Admission/Records/Registration.
  4. Complete HLT 109 Medical Terminology with a minimum grade of "C" within the last five years or during the first semester of the program. Students are highly encouraged to take HLT 109 prior to the start of the program.
  5. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better for all previous college courses.
  6. Submit all college transcripts to LLCC Admission/Records/Registration. Students who neglect to do this, or delay doing this, may jeopardize their ability to apply to, be accepted to, or remain enrolled in a health professions program at LLCC.
  7. Meet with the program's student success coach.
  8. Submit a Medical Coding Specialist program application.

Medical coding courses once admitted

As of fall 2022:

  • First semester (fall): MCS 110, MCS 121, MCS 125*, MCS 213, MCS 219
  • Second semester (spring): MCS 152, MCS 160, MCS 223, MCS 229, MCS 232

*BIO 175 and BIO 176 may be substituted for MCS 125.

Residency criteria

Chapter 112, Section 103-17, of the Illinois Public Community College Act requires that whenever enrollment in a program must be restricted because of space limitations, a college must give preference to district residents. Consequently, admission to Health Career programs for students who live outside of LLCC District #526 vary per program based on space available and qualified applicant pools.