Transition to SGT AAS: How to Apply

If you are a new student to LLCC, visit our Earning a Credit Degree of Certificate page first to learn more about these general steps to enrollment.

If you are a current or returning student, proceed to the next steps listed below.

This checklist does not guarantee admission into the program. It is to be used for coaching purposes only and to assist students in determining if they are ready to apply to the program.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify LLCC Admission/Records/Registration when requirements have been met.

Admission and program requirements are subject to change.

  • Submit the LLCC admission worksheet and any college transcripts to LLCC Admission/Records/Registration.
  • Possess the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) credential. The certification must be in good standing with the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) and not revoked. A copy of the current certification card and/or certificate is required.
  • Possess a certificate of completion/diploma in surgical technology from an accredited surgical technology program. A copy of the graduation certificate is required.
  • Have employment as a surgical technologist with a minimum of one year of current operating room experience. A letter of employment verification must be provided by the employer.
  • Submit the transition to AAS degree in surgical technology application.

Program-specific courses required

General education courses

Students do not need to complete these courses prior to entering the program. It is encouraged that students enroll in these courses if they are on the admission list and waiting to start the program in order to lighten their course load within the program.

  • EGL 101, Composition I (3 credit hours)
  • CMN 101, Public Speaking Fundamentals (3 credit hours); or CMN 104, Interpersonal Communication (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 101, Introduction to Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • SOC 101, Introduction to Sociology (3 credit hours)
  • SGT 220, Professional Development in SGT (3 credit hours)

Total: 15 credit hours.*

*The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requires a residency requirement of 15 hours. If the student is transferring in coursework, they will need to take additional courses at LLCC to meet the HLC residency requirement.

Surgical technology courses

Students will be required to apply for proficiency credit for all surgical technology and science courses that are part of the AAS degree (a total of 50 credit hours). These courses include:

  • SGT 101, Introduction to Surgical Technology
  • SGT 105, Principles of Asepsis
  • SGT 108, Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist
  • SGT 112, Principles and Practices of Surgical Technology
  • SGT 200, Surgical Procedures I
  • SGT 201, Clinical Internship I
  • SGT 202, Surgical Procedures II
  • SGT 203, Clinical Internship II
  • SGT 204, Surgical Procedures III
  • SGT 205, Clinical Internship III
  • BIO 175, Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 176, Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIO 220, Microbiology

Residency criteria

Chapter 112, Section 103-17, of the Illinois Public Community College Act requires that whenever enrollment in a program must be restricted because of space limitations, a college must give preference to district residents. Consequently, admission to Health Career programs for students who live outside of LLCC District #526 vary per program based on space available and qualified applicant pools.