Neurodiagnostic Technology Advisory Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2023, 10 a.m.

Meeting Place



Diane Wilson


Members in Attendance

Abdullah AlSawaf, Joel Dykstra, Fabiola Gonzales, Leanne Harbour, Jenna Koesterer, Cynthia Maskey, Karina Moore, Erin Pence, Melissa Reavis, Chris Simpson, Cindy Smock, Daniel Sweeney, Dani Valois, Diane Wilson, LeAnn Wykes

Members Absent

Megan Althoff, Michael Ballard, Laurel Bretz, Donnatesa Dean, Jason Dockter, Patsy Radar, Karen Sanders




  1. Introductions
  2. Program Mission Statement – Annual Review
  3. Program Changes – Update
  4. Annual Report Data Review – Class of 2022
    • Program Outcomes
    • Retention, Positive Placement, Credentialing Exam
    • Resource Assessment Matrix Review
    • Review Clinical Sites
  5. Current Program Update
    • Class of 2023
    • Class of 2024
  6. New Business
    • Fall 2023 Enrollment
    • Recruitment Efforts
    • Clinical Site Update/Needs


1. Introductions

  • In light of this being a Zoom meeting, Diane introduced everyone with their name and role. 

2. Program Mission Statement

  • Diane reviewed the program’s mission statement to remind members to keep the mission in mind during the discussion while making decisions, which must be reviewed annually, which is also given to us by CoA-NDT, our accreditation. The mission statement is still adequate and meets the purpose; there are no recommendations for change. 

3. What is the Program Advisory Committee

  • The program advisory committee includes the communities of interest, such as, employers, physicians, and the representatives in administrative at the college. Review thresholds and outcomes to make sure we are meeting the required needs, and discuss any changes, so it is not just done at the program level. Annually the CAAHEP Standards require each program to appoint an advisory committee, which is representative of at least each of the communities of interest named in the Standards. The advisory committee must be charged with the responsibility of meeting at least annually to assist program and sponsor personnel in formulating and periodically revising appropriate goals and learning domains, monitoring needs and expectations, and ensuring program responsiveness to change.

4. Program Changes Update

  • Discussion from last year (April 2022) about a shorter program and online option. Certificate of Achievement starts in August 2023, 37 credits, three semesters with an AAS option, 60 credits, five semesters. Curriculum changes were submitted in May 2022, and approvals in May 2023. An additional clinical site has been added, Sara Bush Lincoln in Mattoon. The contract has been submitted for the July board meeting. Admission requirement changes are pending, the certificate program passed through without the same admission requirement for AAS, we are also deleting the placement into MAT 083. There will not be a math placement requirement, students will be provided math lessons regarding percentages and competencies. We will continue to monitor. The proposed admission requirements are as follows:
    • Attend a mandatory information session given by the program director.
    • Submit the LLCC admission application.
    • Demonstrate placement into EGL 101.
    • Have a 2.5 GPA or higher for all previous college courses or be a high school graduate with a/or have a GED certificate. Have transcripts sent to the LLCC Records office for all college courses. 
    • Submit the Neurodiagnostic Technology program application with the assistance of a Health Professions Student Success Coach.

5. Annual Report Data Review

  • Annual meeting is usually held in June, however there is a delay per CoA-NDT. Should be out next week, there is a 30-day turnaround time to report on 2022 graduates. 
  • Program Outcomes/Thresholds
    • Class of 2022 enrolled 11, graduated seven. The retention threshold on a three-year average is 70%. A detailed analysis and action plan may be required for this year. Seven employed (100%). The positive placement threshold ____%. The National Credentialing Exam, four attempted, four passed (100%) threshold is 60% success. 
  • Resource Assessment Matrix
    • The resource matrix was discussed with all committee members, which includes a continuation to monitor the following data: medical director, support personnel, financial resources, facilities/equipment/supplies, clinical resources, learning resources, faculty/staff continuing education, and to monitor the change of the new curriculum. 
  • Review of Clinical Sites
    • The program has a wide variety of clinical sites and locations in and outside of the district. Not all sites are active each semester. The program is always looking at additional sites as needed. Active Clinical Sites: St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, OSF in Peoria, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, SSM Health, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, and Carle Hospital in Champaign. Sara Bush Lincoln in Mattoon, awaiting contract signing at the July board meeting. Inactive Clinical Sites: Decatur Memorial Hospital, needs to be updated; it has not been used in a while. 
  • Current Program Update
    • Class of 2023: enrolled 10, graduated four, three employed, one continuing education. One R. EEG T passed first attempt. Two dropped early 1st semester, one dropped after pursuing DMS program, two dropped in November of 1st semester, one dropped to pursue elementary education. Class of 2024, enrolled five, currently enrolled four, one dropped September 9th. Fall 2023 enrollment five accepted, two are not responding, three pursuing AAS, two pursuing certificate. One has an admission packet, just waiting for an appointment to apply. Two inquiries.  date is July 2024.
  • Recruitment Efforts
    • In process of ordering new brochures, flyers and displays. Diane asked what would help near clinical sites? Looking into career fairs, and high schools in St. Louis region. 
      • Leanne Harbour replied will place flyers in waiting room.
      • Others followed up with agreement.

6. Questions

  • Dr. Al Sawaf: Would be interested in evaluation of teaching outcomes and the level of education at graduation. Would like to see more exposure to clinical sites, and more reading of EEGs. 
  • Diane asked each clinical site if there are current openings.
  • LeAnn Wykes (SLUH): hiring for night shift 
  • Jenna Koesterer (BJH): hiring for Tech I and Tech II
  • Erin Pence (OSF): 3 openings 
  • Leanne Harbour (HSHS): currently 7 techs, no hiring at this time
  • Melissa Reavis (SMH): not hiring currently, looking forward to having a future opening if approved.

7. Meeting End

Meeting scheduled end: 11:00 a.m. Meeting actual end: 10:44 a.m.

Next scheduled meeting 2024/Date Pending