Housing Insecurities Student Support

LLCC commits to Increase our students' persistence and completion rates and resolve barriers to enrollment.

In an effort to provide assistance to students experiencing homelessness, LLCC has designated a staff member to serve as a liaison to assist students enrolled at the institution who are experiencing housing insecurities.


Alex Berry is happy to help connect you with campus and community resources for all your needs surrounding housing insecurities.

Support we offer

  • Providing referral information to campus and community partners for help regarding: Agency referrals to assist with housing, counseling information, student engagement and club information, academic support and food pantry (on campus/off campus) resources.
  • Providing a safe and welcoming environment to discuss goals and needs
  • Assisting students in exploring options for paying for college and/or financial aid
  • We adhere to FERPA (the law that protects student privacy). Your information is private.

Mental health resources

LLCC Student Mental Health & Wellness

LLCC Food Pantry

Are you experiencing food insecurities? If so, please contact your student success coach or Kyle Roughan, student engagement coordinator.

LLCC Food Pantry information

Food resources in the community

Springfield Area Housing resources

County resources within the LLCC district