Undocumented Student Support

LLCC commits to offering a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community.

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We support our undocumented and mixed immigration status communities. We strive to promote awareness and understanding of undocumented student experiences while maintaining confidentiality. We strive to be your partner in your academic and career goals. We are here for you and to help support your educational goals! 


Claire Heffron-McKinney is happy to help you and your family with questions about applications, connect you with campus and community resources, and assist you with information about financial support for your education. 

Support we offer

  • Providing a safe and welcoming environment to discuss goals and needs
  • Explaining the application process — if you are not sure which application to fill out, please feel free to contact Claire Heffron-McKinney.
  • Assisting students in exploring options for paying for college and/or financial aid
  • We adhere to FERPA (the law that protects student privacy). Your information is private.
  • Providing referral information to campus and community partners for help regarding:
    • Counseling information
    • Legal referral information
    • Student engagement and club information
    • Academic support
    • Food pantry on campus/off campus

LLCC club

Are you interested in starting a student club to support undocumented students? If so, please email LLCC Student Life.

Educational/funding information


Advocacy and rights

Mental health resources

Legal and community resources


The information and materials presented on this site are general and informational only and do not constitute legal advice. Immigration questions should be directed to a licensed immigration attorney. Campus and legal information provided on this site is subject to change at any time. Updates will be provided when possible, but faculty, staff, students and the general public should continue to update and educate themselves concerning undocumented students and their families.