New Students

Steps for new students

New students are encouraged to apply early for their veterans benefits. It can take several weeks for the Department of Veterans Affairs to determine your eligibility. You are responsible for tuition and books until you begin receiving your benefits.

  1. Apply for your Veterans Administration benefits.
  2. If applicable, apply for your State of Illinois Veteran Grant or your Illinois National Guard Grant. National Guard members must submit a copy of your approval letter to the LLCC Veterans Affairs Office as soon as it is received.
  3. Request a military transcript from your branch of service to be forwarded to the LLCC Office of Admissions and Records.
  4. Obtain your DD-214 Member 4.
  5. Apply for admission to LLCC.
  6. If needed, take the placement test in the LLCC Testing Center.
  7. See your student success coach to choose your classes and complete an LLCC Veteran Affairs Enrollment Form and a registration form.
  8. Register for your classes by submitting your registration form to LLCC Registration.
  9. Submit the following to the LLCC Veterans Affairs Office at the same time: Certification letter (from step 1), DD-214 Member 4 (from step 4) and your LLCC Veterans Affairs Data Worksheet (from step 7).

Additional resources