Definition of Satisfactory Progress

Students must make satisfactory academic progress each semester to continue to receive benefits. Satisfactory academic progress is determined by the following cumulative grade point average (GPA) standard.

Cumulative Credit Hours Minimum Cumulative GPA
0.5 to 11 hours 1.50
12 to 22 hours 1.70
23 to 33 hours 1.85
34 or more 2.00


The cumulative GPA standard includes all attempted credit hours as defined by the LLCC academic satisfactory progress policy and determined by the LLCC academic transcript, including those that veterans' benefits did not pay for.

Not making satisfactory progress

If students do not make satisfactory progress, they are placed on veterans' warning for their next semester of enrollment. Warning puts students on notice that they are in danger of losing their veterans' benefits if the GPA standard is not met at the end of the warning semester. During a warning term, student may continue to receive veterans' benefits.

At the end of a warning semester, if the student still fails to meet the cumulative GPA, but receives at least a 2.0 semester GPA, the student will be placed on continued warning. If the student fails to meet the 2.0 semester GPA at the end of a warning semester, his/her veterans' benefits will be suspended.

Appeal procedures

Students whose performance was affected by unusual circumstances may appeal.

Students may appeal their veterans' benefits suspension if they feel their progress was affected by unusual circumstances. Appeals must be made in writing to the LLCC Veterans Affairs Office.

Documentation of the unusual circumstance must accompany the appeal. The student should also demonstrate that the unusual circumstance has been resolved. Do not discuss in your appeal your need for veterans' benefits as part of your rationale for reinstatement as it is assumed that any student filing an appeal is doing so based upon financial need.

Access the Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs Appeal Form online or obtain a copy in the LLCC Veteran Affairs Office.