Highway Construction Careers Training Advisory Meeting Minutes

March 23, 2022, 11 a.m.

Meeting Place

LLCC Workforce Careers Center, Room 1136


Tom Spears, Workforce Development Program Coordinator


Members in Attendance

Eric Schmitt, UCM Contractors; Scott Eddings, Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #137; Scott Hohimer, Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #137; Patrick McCaherty, Operating Engineers Local #965; Cathy Huffman, LLCC; Josh Collins, LLCC; Teri Waggoner, White Construction; John Nicks, Roofers Local #112; Janice Gower, IDOT




  1. Introduction
  2. Program and acceptance process
  3. Class structure
  4. Training Program Graduate (TPG) special provision
  5. Applications, student placement, career services
  6. How can we improve our program?
  7. IDOT update
  8. Questions or concerns regarding our program


1. Introductions

Meeting started at 11 a.m. with introductions.

2. Program and acceptance process

Tom Spears explained the process of getting into the HCCTP program.

3. Class structure

Tom Spears explained how the 20-week program is laid out. Math for the trades, life skills, certifications, basic shop, universal shop.

4. Training Program Graduate (TPG) Special Provision

There was a lot of discussion on TPG program. White Construction had concerns about other areas in the state not being able to find out who the HCCTP graduates were once they got into an apprenticeship. Discussed how LLCC approaches it and IDOT rep is going to check into other parts of the state. UCM rep discussed the need for HCCTP graduates in the Bloomington area. There is a void up there finding students who would drive to that area.

5. Applications, Student Placements, Career Services

Tom Spears discussed student applications and placement. Cathy Huffman discussed the Career Services at LLCC.

Training coordinators are happy with the LLCC HCCTP students. Students are well prepared for the application, testing and interview process.

6. How Can We Improve Our Program?

No comments. Everyone good with how things are going.

7. IDOT Update

IDOT rep discussed all the work coming in the area and union apprenticeships will be needed to benefit from the TPG Program for contractors.

8. Questions or Concerns Regarding Our Program

No questions or concerns. Meeting adjourned at noon.