Highway Construction Careers Training Advisory Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2023, 11 a.m.

Meeting Place

LLCC Workforce Careers Center, Room W2105


Tom Spears, Workforce Development Program Coordinator


Members in Attendance

Alice Rivera, IDOT; Clayton Roth, IDOT; John Nicks, Roofers; Janice Gower, IDOT; Mike Fish, IDOT; Scott Eddings, Pipefitters Local #137; Pam Simon, AGC; Roger Heubner, AGC; Chris Edmonds, LLCC; Josh Collins, LLCC; Tom Spears, LLCC




  1. Introduction
  2. Program and acceptance process
  3. Class structure
  4. Training Program Graduate (TPG) special provision
  5. Applications, student placement, career services
  6. Feedback


1. Introductions

Meeting started at 11 a.m. with introductions.

2. Program and acceptance process

Tom Spears explained the process of getting into the HCCTP program.

3. Class structure

Tom Spears explained how the 20-week program is laid out. Math for the trades, life skills, certifications, basic shop, universal shop.

4. Training Program Graduate (TPG) Special Provision

Janice Gower discussed the TPG Special Provision and that IDOT was informing contractors of this reimbursement; several contractors are taking advantage of this benefit.

5. Applications, Student Placements, Career Services

Tom Spears discussed student applications, placement and career services at LLCC. 

6. Feedback

Scott Eddings discussed the Pipefitters have taken approximately nine students from the HCCTP Program and they have had a lot of success with our students. Several students have opportunities with the Carpenters Local #270 and the IBEW Local #193, with the Solar Farm located in the Waverly area. Pam Simon, of Central Illinois Builders of AGC, discussed their role and how they are very supportive of the HCCTP Programs. There was also discussion of the need for skilled tradesmen and how all trades are seeking qualified applicants.

Meeting adjourned at noon, for lunch and the graduation of the October 2022 Class.