At a Glance

Individuals, societies and the structures which unite us.

Sociology is the fascinating pursuit of trying to understand the world we live in. Many students wonder where exactly they fit into the scheme of things. Sociology provides a vivid awareness of the close link between personal experiences and society. As you study sociology, you will become a "stranger" in the familiar landscape of your own society by questioning the world others take for granted. This will be facilitated by analyzing human behavior using the scientific method. We will ask questions like:  "What is going on here?" "Who is involved and who is left out of the action?" and "What does this really mean?"

To find some answers, sociology studies the bonds which unite individuals together. The sociological approach assumes that all of us — whether politician or citizen, student or teacher, employer or employee, wife or husband, child or parent, police officer or citizen, corporation president or window cleaner — need other people. As we live out our lives, we make arrangements with one another which have an order to them. It is this order that sociology tries to explain — the order of work, study, play, worship, politics, relatives and friends. You are invited to this new way of seeing and understanding. Your world will not stay the same.

Sociology students at LLCC learn how to objectively gather and analyze data, identify trends, appreciate diverse viewpoints, anticipate consequences that come with change and appreciate how culture and society shape people's choices and responses.

Upon successful completion of the sociology program, a student shall be able to:

  • Understand how societies are organized, function, and change.
  • Understand social behavior and group experience and how these shape individual behavior.