Statement on Diversity

Lincoln Land Community College derives strength from diversity.  The College recognizes and affirms difference and variety as integral to an inclusive representation of humanity, especially in such areas as color, race and ethnicity, educational philosophy, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, geographic origin, and physical, mental, and sensory capabilities.  Students, staff, administration, and faculty serve as mirrors and models for each other in order to reflect and nurture a healthy, pluralistic environment.  As an institution of higher learning dedicated to a free, far-ranging, and open exchange of ideas, LLCC fosters opportunities for district residents to enrich their understanding of cultural differences and multiple viewpoints within the college community and the larger society.  Through academic offerings, cultural programming, enrollment policies, and hiring practices – all of which uphold the value of diversity in its multiple forms – Lincoln Land Community College prepares its students to contribute to and succeed in a pluralistic yet interdependent world.