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Most LLCC students do not need to take out loans. Find your path without worrying about student loan debt. It's a smart start to your college degree!

FY 2023 Tuition & Fees: $2,295.00 per semester for full-time, in-district student enrolled in 15 standard credit hours. (Fall, Spring & Summer 2023). Some programs have variable tuition rates.
Cost savings of approximately $10,000-$38,000. Private University: $42,897. Public University: $14,662. Community College: $4,604. Based on average undergraduate tuition and fees in Illinois for 30 semester hours in FY 2023.

Plus, LLCC offers small class sizes, wraparound support services, faculty focused on teaching and energized learning strategies to help you reach COLLEGE SUCCESS! 

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Free training and money for college

Open Door Workforce Equity Initiative

WEI provides free training and supports for short-term training programs and aims to serve low-income students, 75% of whom must be African American. Learn more about WEI, including support services, eligibility and steps to enroll.

Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity

Through funding from ECACE, those who work or who have worked in early childhood education or childcare may be eligible for free training and supports to pursue an additional degree or certificate in the field. For more information, contact our early childhood education advocate, Marlena Constant (217-786-2392).

Highway Construction Careers

The Illinois Department of Transportation has funded this program to expand the number of people in historically underrepresented populations who enter a highway construction career. Learn more about Highway Construction Careers Training.

Adult Education and bridge programming

LLCC Adult Education provides adults with a variety of educational opportunities in the areas of GED preparation, basic skills, English language skills, adult career pathways and literacy. Adult Education programming is free, and courses are offered year-round throughout the LLCC district.

Financial aid and scholarships

Federal and state financial aid, including grants and work-study options, are available to those who qualify. Our friendly financial aid office will help you find the funds to make your education even more affordable!

The LLCC Foundation awarded over $660,000 in scholarships to students in 2022-23. Most students who applied received a scholarship. Don't miss out on free money you won't have to pay back. Fill out one application for all available LLCC scholarships!