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LLCC’s eight-week (module) classes, offer the same content, number of credits, services and support as 16-week (semester) classes — just a different schedule! 

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Why eight-week classes?


You have more options to get started or back on track. In spring, eight-week classes will start on Jan. 16 and March 18.


Focus on fewer classes at a time. For example, instead of taking five classes at the same time over 16 weeks, you could split that so you're only taking two or three classes at once.

Eight-Week Classes, Jan. 13-March 8
Class 1 (3 credits)
Class 2 (3 credits)
Eight-Week Classes, March 18-May 16
Class 3 (3 credits)
Class 4 (3 credits)
Class 5 (3 credits)

Total = 15 credits

16-Week Classes, Jan. 13-May 16
Class 1 (3 credits)
Class 2 (3 credits)
Class 3 (3 credits)
Class 4 (3 credits)
Class 5 (3 credits)

Total = 15 credits



This class format can help you maintain focus and motivation. Start your path to success and see your progress — eight weeks at a time!


Explore eight-week (Mod 3 and Mod 4) classes and scheduling details in LoggerCentral:

Helpful tip — think about how you might pair your class selections for the first eight weeks with the second eight weeks for scheduling consistency (days/times). Some examples:

First Set of Eight-Week Classes Second Set of Eight-Week Classes

Human Anatomy and Physiology I
MW, noon-1:50 p.m.

Human Anatomy and Physiology II
MW, noon-1:50 p.m.

Introduction to Humanities
TTh, 9:30-10:45 a.m.

Ethics: Morality and Contemporary Values
TTh, 9:30-10:45 a.m.

Composition I

Composition II

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Registration is open for eight-week classes that begin on March 18.

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Current students can register for classes via LoggerCentral. Questions? Text 217-441-2415.