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LLCC announces 2024 graduates

Press contact: Kyla Kruse

SPRINGFIELD — Lincoln Land Community College conferred more than 1,600 degrees and certificates this last year and held a commencement ceremony Friday, May 17. The graduate list below is in alphabetical order by hometown and includes degrees and certificates conferred.

Note: One asterisk indicates a graduate with honors (3.50-3.74 grade point average). Two asterisks indicate a graduate with high honors (3.75 and higher grade point average). A student meeting the requirements for two or more of the same certificates but in different areas of study is indicated with a number in parentheses behind their name.


Certificate of Completion – Devon Lomelino


Associate in Arts – Chase H. Jetel


Associate in Arts – Bailey J. Teasley


Certificate of Completion – Ashley N. Lefebvre, Aiden Neathery


Associate in Applied Science – Kassidy L. Upchurch

Associate in Arts – Emma Grace Pezold**, Maelyn Virginia June Weatherby

Certificate of Completion – Carrie T. Brazil, Kassidy L. Upchurch


Associate in Applied Science – Abbigail Ann Durbin


Associate in Arts – Elizabeth J. Belleville


Associate in Applied Science – McKenzie M. Wasilewski

Associate in Arts – Ryan L. Bauer, Ian H.G. Dawson, Natalie G. Webb, Gavin M. VanScyoc*, Jenna R. Witmer**

Associate in Science – Hayley A. Pratt

Certificate of Achievement – Diego A. White**, Darren W. Withers**

Certificate of Completion – Melissa E. Bowen, Breann Chandler, Lance W. Holt


Certificate of Completion – McKinzie J. Carter


Associate in Applied Science – Margaret M. Frederick, Olivia Noelle Grider, Tyler Phillip Smith* Associate in Arts – Alexa G. Maher**, Savannah Michelle Norris, Marley M. Smith** Associate in Science – Kimberly R. Hagemann*, Olivia F. Marchizza** Certificate of Achievement – Benjamin R. Mehochko, Cole D. Rothert**, Jacob A. Sharp** Certificate of Completion – Caleb J. Crowl (2), Skylar R. Fay, Peyton J. Reynolds, Jacob A. Sharp (2)


Associate in Applied Science – Caleb R. Phelps*, Hunter S. Pierson


Associate in Applied Science – Shaneika P. Ruiz Medina, Stephanie Serrano, Isaac M. Strubbe, Juan Villagomez Torrez* Associate in Arts – Kokou J. Agblewode, Christelle Zambele Yangite Certificate of Achievement – Ricardo Martin Bautista Perez**, Wilfer O. Gamez* Certificate of Completion – Iliana Sarahi Fiz Flores, Saivelis Garrido, Daltyn J. Waters, Ana C. Santiago


Certificate of Completion – William Ervin Stambaugh


Associate in Science – Jenna Williamson


Certificate of Completion – Erik Kravanya



Associate in Arts – Kaitlyn J. Staake
Associate in Science – Bailey E. McClellan


Certificate of Completion – Krysten A. Cambridge


Associate in Applied Science – Kirstyn K. Durazzo

Bunker Hill

Certificate of Achievement – Kyle E. Mullink**

Cadiz, Ky.

Associate in Arts – Lillian G. P'pool*

Camp Point

Certificate of Achievement – Isaac J. Genenbacher**


Associate in Applied Science – Lillian Nadine Bing**
Associate in Arts – Kylee R. Steil
Certificate of Completion – Leah C. Kirk


Associate in Applied Science – Braylee L. Gilmore
Certificate of Completion – Mason C. Drake, Tyler Koller


Associate in Applied Science – Hayden N. Flowers
Associate in Arts – Kyle Leonard
Certificate of Achievement – Mason W. Baumgartner**
Certificate of Completion – Mason W. Baumgartner

Catalão, Goiás, Brazil

Associate in Arts – Lucas Rosa


Associate in Arts – Aurora Rose King**, Nicole A. Lacy
Certificate of Completion – Ally Bridgewater, Kady L. Ferkel (2)

Charlotte, N.C.

Associate in Applied Science – Kevin Kamdem*


Associate in Applied Science – Fitore Asani, Erik Bartholomew**, Bailey M. Burris*, Emily J. Commean, Zane Fowler

Associate in Arts – Andee L. Brown, Kevin A. Ehorn**, Hannah E. Fosnaugh, Andrew M. Goetz, Anna Grace Hamilton, Brandon R. Howard, Jack R. Kosbab, Nolan D. McMasters*, Vanessa Shauntae’ Phillips, William L. Schleisman, Jarrett F. Sepich*, Olivia C. Torricelli*

Associate in Engineering Science – David M. Museve**, Landon Anthony Verenski**

Associate in Fine Arts – John M. Barham*, Jacob William Kerske Dragoo

Associate in Science – Carly D. Pratt

Certificate of Achievement – Austin M. Douglas

Certificate of Completion – Austin M. Douglas (2), Isaac F. Fosu, Nathan M. Hashman (2), Zoe C. Hoover, Callie M. Jenkins, Emma B. Kern (2), Mitchell Kilby, Trent Koehler, Aaron Leonard, Summer L. McCullough, Jimmy Nesit, Yeyi Regina Ngbome


Associate in Applied Science – Abby L. Hamilton**

Coatesville, Pa.

Associate in Arts – Melinda J. Stoltzfus*


Associate in Applied Science – Preston L. Lyerla
Associate in Science – Enon C. Greenwood


Associate in Applied Science – Kazuyo Darling*


Associate in Arts – Taylor J. Nowaskie**


Certificate of Achievement – Isaac Laue
Certificate of Completion – Savanna J. Becker, Donald Steven Gingrey, Caleb R. Matthews (2)


Associate in Applied Science – Ariel Burns, Shayla Myria Lee Cullison, Shannen C. Dietz, Halle R. Volpe*, Kaitlyn Alexandra Shelton
Certificate of Completion – Wendy L. Asberry, Krystle K. Jackson, Eugene Miller


Associate in Applied Science – Meghan E. Carter
Associate in Arts – Brendan L. Pupillo, Hank M. Rhodes, Spencer M. Rikas
Certificate of Achievement – Ayden C. Miller*
Certificate of Completion – Tiffany K. Beagle


Associate in Applied Science – Christy A. Hemken**
Certificate of Completion – Cassidy M. Wilhelm


Associate in Applied Science – Brittany L. Groves


Associate in Applied Science – Kaylie A Ferguson**, Rebecca R. Younker
Associate in Arts – Mitchell W. Bloome**
Certificate of Completion – Justin Boston, Dylan Erwin, Maggie N. O'Brien


Associate in Arts – Charlotte M. Hayes*
Certificate of Achievement – Jarvin M. Vincent


Associate in Arts – Wesley D. Bland**
Certificate of Completion – Wesley D. Bland


Associate in Applied Science – Sarah R. Perkins


Certificate of Completion – Alie N. Barnes


Associate in Applied Science – Michael Kraus, Katelyn N. Payne, Christine M. Underwood
Associate in Science – Sidney L. Glick*
Certificate of Completion – Richard C. Freitag


Associate in Applied Science – Derek J. Beckman*
Certificate of Completion – Dalton B. Bass, Mikhail L. Findlay

Florissant, Mo.

Associate in Arts – Madyson M. Weller


Certificate of Achievement – Cory J. Giger*

Fox Lake

Associate in Arts – Caleb J. Royer*


Associate in Arts – Matthew W. Crow, Mikah R. Ribble**
Certificate of Completion – Logan R. Mahan


Certificate of Achievement – Chase C. Helvey**
Certificate of Completion – Chase C. Helvey


Associate in Applied Science – Jordan T. Broaddus**, Claire M. Harvey
Associate in Arts – Carson J. Raynor


Certificate of Achievement – Parker M. Meldrum**
Certificate of Completion – Parker M. Meldrum


Associate in Arts – Cody M. Acree, Jamarion J.J. Smith*


Associate in Arts – Natalie J. Hill


Associate in Applied Science – Clayton R. Costello


Associate in Arts – Amber N. Hamilton**
Associate in Science – David P. Arkebauer


Certificate of Achievement – Jared N. Little**


Associate in Applied Science – Kendall A. Durbin**
Certificate of Achievement – Kendall A. Durbin**


Associate in Applied Science – Quia D. Quinlan, Reece A. Snowden*
Associate in Arts – Wandel A. Campana*, Taylor Dane

Hicksville, Ohio

Associate in Arts – Kaitlyn N. Zeedyk**


Associate in Applied Science – Ayden D. Brewer**, Angela Harvey, Jayden M. Jacobs, Jordan M. Jacobs, Benjamin C. Taylor**, Sierra Dawn Tolliver, Brandi S. Traylor
Associate in Arts – Isaac A. Sheldon, Devin E. Speiser
Certificate of Completion – Ethan S. Blackburn, Cameron Hacke, Brookelynn E. Hopley, Kelley A. Walker


Certificate of Completion – Jacob Foiles

Houston, Texas

Associate in Applied Science – Jessica Renaud**


Associate in Arts – Evan G. Kochel


Certificate of Completion – Andrian J. Hartman


Associate in Applied Science – Mollie J. Allen, Tyler D. Christian, Grace A. Cox, Carston R. Crawford, Catricia S. Kelley, Haylee J. Northrop, Peter James Tosh, Nicholas R. Watkins, Katie E. White

Associate in Arts – Nicholas R. Cook, Abigail J. Hayes, Brandon Dean Hufendick, Clifton D. Hungerford, Robert A. Lakamp, Madison P. McKean, Tiffany Roth*, Tylessia Ebony Sinclair Willis

Associate in General Education – William Kent Hannant

Certificate of Achievement – Gabriel J. Clements**, Andrew W. Cooley**, Joel M. Pruitt, Braden J. Snyder**

Certificate of Completion – Wade Michael Anders, Naprecious S. Bethel, Alexis K. Carl, Raileigh E. Clayton, Alexis Coffey (2), Andrew W. Cooley (2), Alexander Coop, Breanna M. Crafton, Sabrina A. Godar, Kyli K. Jackson, Jayden E. Moore, Bailey E. Morris, Destiny E. Mouser, Mikaela A. Nunez, Kari L. Peterman, Andrew Jacob Potter, Alex D. Ramos, Deacon K. Rezba, Brady D. Sapp, Madison R. Shirkey, James Skinner, Braden J. Snyder (2), Nathaniel D. Stauffer, Sasha A. White


Associate in Arts – Ariana Victoria Yogesh Chauhan**


Certificate of Achievement – Breyden E. Hamilton**, Cody R. Niemeyer**
Certificate of Completion – Breyden E. Hamilton


Associate in Arts – Sage Carr**


Associate in Applied Science – Ashley Roggero

Lake Saint Louis, Mo.

Certificate of Completion – Norah Swinigan

Le Roy

Associate in Arts – Porter R. Conn**


Associate in Applied Science – Sydney Elizabeth Tapper, Dylan R. Duvall**
Associate in Arts – Erin Charis Hoagland*
Certificate of Completion – Michael Stancle


Associate in Science – Maci D. Harmon**
Certificate of Achievement – Raquel Bishop
Certificate of Completion – Michelle M. Brakenhoff, Faith M. Denny, Bert Holloway, Hunter G. Niemann, William R. Nockman, Payton A. Noyes, Kimberly L. Waldrup, Marrissa C. Young


Certificate of Achievement – Carter J. Anderson**, Clayton A. Winter**
Certificate of Completion – Carter J. Anderson (2)


Associate in Arts – Peri A. Andras
Certificate of Completion – Abigail L. Havens


Associate in Arts – Grace A. McCurdy


Certificate of Achievement – Gage E. Jansen*
Associate in Arts – Nolee Jane Sollars**

Mason City

Certificate of Completion – Audrey J. Lynn, Caitlyn Mckenzie Wilson


Certificate of Completion – Connor J. Cappitelli (2)


Certificate of Completion – Jonathon Pollock


Associate in Arts – Avrie L. Schmidt


Associate in Arts – John F. Wajda


Associate in Science – Ruger Paul Brown**
Associate in General Education – Joshua H. Fritts**
Associate in Arts – Jhia L. Walker**


Associate in Arts – Thomas R. Krueger

Mount Auburn

Certificate of Completion – Peyton N. Bramel
Associate in Arts – Hannah M. Clayton

Mount Olive

Associate in Applied Science – Jordin N. Kierbach*
Certificate of Completion – Jordin N. Kierbach, Madyson J. Schuessler

Mount Pulaski

Associate in Arts – Colton L. Hagan
Certificate of Achievement – Madaline E. Roberts
Certificate of Completion – Peyton D. Wyss


Certificate of Completion – Jewel Dawn Humphrey


Associate in Applied Science – Abigayle J. Lewis

New Berlin

Associate in Applied Science – Adam N. Kloppe**, Gabriel M. Spann, Ashley Marie Stephens
Associate in Arts – Kenna K. Bixby, Landon J. Schutz*
Certificate of Achievement – Adam N. Kloppe**
Certificate of Completion – Luke T. Oschwald


Associate in Applied Science – Jennifer Christine Entrikin**


Associate in Applied Science – Skylar R. Stewart
Associate in Arts – Josiah C. Barker**, Emma R. Hill
Certificate of Achievement – Ryan J. Eisenbarth**, Jacob N. Wieland*
Certificate of Completion – Dalton X. Altevogt, Logan S. Huelson Sr., Reggie Marley


Associate in Applied Science – Aaron R. Norris
Certificate of Achievement – Aaron R. Norris


Certificate of Achievement – Dalton D. Todd**


Associate in Arts – Nora F. Patton*


Certificate of Completion – Blake Dulgar


Certificate of Completion – Carter S. Bainbridge


Certificate of Achievement – Griffin R. Smith**
Certificate of Completion – Griffin R. Smith


Associate in Applied Science – Tyler M. McKarnen, Mackenzee A. Sitton
Associate in Arts – Anthony S. Mclean
Certificate of Completion – Eric Wallace


Associate in Applied Science – Olivia Kathryn Nadean Flitz


Associate in Arts – Alexis R. Alender-Mix


Associate in Applied Science – Makenzie E. Ellis, Logan J. Isaacs, Brice William Joseph Kaiser, Kayla M. Tabor
Associate in Arts – Sydney J. Galloway, Morgan N. Langheim**, Maya E. Rodriguez-Mansholt*
Associate in General Education – Trevor A. Montrey
Certificate of Achievement – Brice William Joseph Kaiser
Certificate of Completion – Darlene M. Burris, Abby Judge, Jason Stevenson


Certificate of Achievement – William T. Reed


Associate in Applied Science – Maggie L. Gibbs*, Haley Justine Schmidt*
Associate in Arts – Mason J. Higgins, Joseph L. McQuern, Kati K. Schachtsiek*
Certificate of Completion – Zoe R. Atteberry, Carrie S. Dirksen

Planaltina, Goiás, Brazil

Associate in Arts – Pedro Cesar Elias de Souza

Pleasant Plains

Certificate of Completion – Carrie D. Daniels


Certificate of Completion – Riley Mitchell
Associate in Applied Science – Arianne L. Dawson


Associate in Applied Science – Griffin Mitchell Wright


Associate in Arts – Charles A. Corso*, Will David Jenkins
Certificate of Achievement – Jason J. Falter, Wyatt A. Kistner
Certificate of Completion – Jason J. Falter (2), Wyatt A. Kistner (2)


Associate in Applied Science – Michael Farmer**, Macy T. Mullally
Associate in Arts – Ruby K. Dove
Associate in Science – David J. Hegwood
Certificate of Achievement – Dayton A. Durham
Certificate of Completion – Jessica Rose Bartlett, Dayton Durham, Darcy E. Griffitts


Associate in Applied Science – Wesley T. Liston*
Certificate of Achievement – Wesley T. Liston*


Certificate of Completion – Kyler Lara


Associate in Applied Science – Mary R. Simpson**, Carter J. Sternitzke, Aidan Withers
Associate in Arts – Molly S. Check, Angela Sue Dyer, Jacob R. Ginder*, Caleb T. Hamilton, Veronica P. Lafferty, Cheyenne Aurora Meneghetti**, Alexander E. Sidener
Certificate of Achievement – Kade A. Spurlock
Certificate of Completion – Ryan N. Bennett, Luke R. Dickey, Alicia N. Hadden, Heidi L. James, Luke T. Kratochvil, Kade A. Spurlock (2)

Rock Falls

Certificate of Achievement – Kyle M. Young


Associate in Arts – Torrie A. McAdams
Certificate of Completion – Zack D. Wright


Associate in Applied Science – Stephanie K. Hinsey

Sauk Village

Certificate of Achievement – Aaren Montoya Mora

Sedalia, Mo.

Associate in Arts – Dane M. Foster


Associate in Applied Science – Justin I. Beggs, Dustin M. Davenport, Bailey Michael Golden**, Tiffany M. Naumovich, Erin A. Peterson**, Izic J. Smith, Abby Lynn Washko, Jamie L. Williams*
Associate in Arts – Nicholas Thomas Barrett, Madison M. Bishop*
Associate in Science – Olivia C. Fandel, Rebekah K. Lesko
Certificate of Achievement – Steeler R. Eisenbrandt**, Henry K. Gerding**, Adam Hayward*, Gage L. Knoles**, Connor J. Sexton, Isaac M. Stock**, Jamie L. Williams*
Certificate of Completion – Logan N. Davenport, Steeler R. Eisenbrandt (2), Connor R. Fosselius, Henry K. Gerding, Gage L. Knoles, Giovanni Ribaudo, Jace J. Schwab (2), Jamie L. Williams


Associate in Applied Science – Lauren Elizabeth Voils
Associate in Arts – Paige A. Cox**, Allison R. Walters**, Megan Wildman
Associate in Science – Chloe M. Cox**


Associate in Applied Science – Brittany N. Alford, Caterra Burwell, Jonah Bussen, Timothy Aaron Carey**, Alana N. Cosbey, Abigail Marie Cox, Magdaline E. Crocker*, René Michael Croteau, Myniya Rena Daniels, Graceann Diss, John E. Donelan*, William A. Eilman*, Capria T. Fields, Nathan Foys**, Britney N. Gilchrese, Kylie Elizabeth Jane Goldstein, Madelyn J. Hill, Megan E. Hill, Daytonya L. Hunter*, Kouassi Maxime Rodrigue Kassa**, Sara V. Kennedy, Bernard N. Kinene, Divina Sha Kluge**, James R. Lane, Jordan B. Luparell, Anaela Y. Martin**, Lauren E. McClure, Audrey C. Milburn, Levy Jennalyn M. Noriega, Trieton X. Park*, Philomena M. Pelich, Diana L. Pennock, Alexis M. Pryor, Erin R. Quinn, Martell Ray, Jacqueline C. Romer, Heather Renee Rowell, Brandon S. Schafer, Trevor J. Seal, Sarina M. Sloman*, Haley Nicole Smith, Alyssa M. Spencer, Abbey C. Steele, Zackary M. Stefano, Lauren A. Szabados, Jason P. Szabo, Gifty A.Teiko, Anastasia E. Theilen, Courtney M. Todd**, Danielle R. Valois**, Nathaniel E. Van Heuklom, Precious Renee Wartenbe, Kayla Renee Weatherford, Myisha M. Wells, Ibrahim A. Yafai, Alaya N. Yates-Jones, Yousef J. Alkabsh

Associate in Arts – Morgan J. Adamski, Laura Anderson, Kiri N. Baxter-Hawkins, MacKenzie S. Bouavong, B. Aidan Brennan*, Carolyn Madisen Abigail Bright, Hadley C. Broadwater**, Jacob T. Brubaker-Lee, Sydney E. Cain, Jakob J. Clark, Drew M. Cloud, Kathleen E. Curry*, Zane R. Danielson, Brandon T. Daugherty, Alexander P. Davis, Kaitlynn R. Davison, Mitchell H. Dye*, Laynee A. Eisenbarth**, Allison D. Feagans, Keith R. Ford, Blake A. Green, Cannon F. Greer, Hunter S. Hammann, Kira Chanese Hardy, Jack R. Hazelwood, Ellouise Grace Hill**, Paridzai Femia-Machingura Huni, Micah A. Jackson, Morgan C. Jenkins, Leo R. Johnston, Christiana V. Kavadas*, Logan M. Kearns, Camren Kincaid, Matthew John Klenke, Lillianna Nicole Maguire, Tamera Nicole Maniece, Cooper D. Marx, Griffin C. Matejka**, Ainsley M. Matheis, Anna M. Mayfield**, DaNasha E. Medley-Curry, Kade W. Mennen, Cristiana L. Merrifield, Jordan N. Mesecher, Caden L. Meyer*, Romeo S. Morton , Jacob R. Patton**, Amanda Sue Pingleton*, Victoria L. Quinn, Andrew M. Randazzo*, Ryan J. Reavis*, Jennifer L. Roberts, Ren K. Schattschneider, Preston R. Schmitt, Tristian J. Schmitz, Sienna M. Senalik**, Jennifer R. Sheppard, Preston J. Siewert**, Dustin J. Stech**, Bre'ona K. Van, Megan R. Elliott, Skyler M. Wantland, Brianne N. White, Haley G. Willan*, Ashia Z. Williams, Jermontre D. Young, 

Associate in Fine Arts – Jade N. Dilley, Elizabeth S. Lieber*

Associate in General Education – Jenna N. Kirbach*, Jennifer L. Taylor, Katrina Woods*

Associate in Science – Gabrielle Layne Camp*, Noah B. Clark**, Theodore E. Dietrich**, Maranda L. File, Nacole Hale, Iain D. Iocca**, Brody W. Johnson**, Andrew D. Knight, Andrew M. Nelson, John J. Taylor, Madison T. Wear, Mary Katherine Krall

Certificate of Achievement – Christine N. Borrell**, Ryan J. Chrisman, Dalton E. Clarke, Donterious J. Crawford, René Michael Croteau**, Tyrin Currie, Tony Eilman*, Eli A. Higgins*, Devon Jackson, Susan L. Lutar, Gabe McConaha**, Dewann A. Miller II, Payten J. Mugele, Jack Pecoraro, David S. Perkins, Matthew E. Pfeiffer, Quentyn Redmond**, Julianna M. Redmon**, Gabriel M. Sarich, Kendra J. Sutherd, Jason P. Szabo, William E. Warman Jr.*, Christopher M. Weaver, Dylan R. White, Robert Earl White Jr.*, Brenda J. Winters, Jerry T. Wright**, Jason L. Young

Certificate of Completion – Amaris Chanel Ali, Natalie L. Alsup, Justin K. Banker Barnett (2), Kristin Barker, Brooke M. Barton, Alexa M. Bates, Alesha L. Baugh, Myles J. Brant, Jay Britz, Ashley S. Buckley, Anthony M. Cecil, Ryan J. Chrisman (2), Jordyn M. Colwell, Emily D. Conaway, René Michael Croteau, Sandra N. Davis, Michael B. Dobey, Kiara M. Downey, Austin M. Ellis (2), Dylan R. Estes Jr., Ariona A. Fairlee, Torando A. Fairlee (2), Ben Gaul, Brendan R. Gentry, GeAndria M. Green, Cassie E. Griffin, Nathaniel Gurnsey, Brandy M. Hale, Kaelen X. Hampton, Corey Helmerichs, Makayla R. Holder, Daytonya L. Hunter, Makayla Na’shanti Hurt, Devon Jackson (2), Leah V. Jackson, Seth R. Jacobs, Dalliz Camille James, Honore K. Kasongo Sr., Wesley Liston, Allena M. Lott-Lofton, Talina M. Luper, Shane R. Maglone, Avri L. Manning, Anita R. Matthews, Samantha V. McCollough, Bradley Miller, Dewann A. Miller II (2), Grant Minett, Erica Ezioge Ngeh epse Mondo, Marsha Montroy, Justin Niles, Olabisi Obe, Olayombo R. Obe, Kimiya Jain Parrish, Kyle Payne, Theresa L. Peeples, Bobby Perez, Saniah Perkins, Matthew Pfeiffer (2), Leotie W. Philbrick, Jennifer L. Portwood (2), Otto A. Prior, Bre Rainey, William Reed, Nicolas I. Richmond, Jackie M. Ross, Baylee L. Runyon Jr., Gabriel M. Sarich (2), Hannah M. Shoemaker, Anthony Lee Smith (2), April D. Smith, Curtis Sommer, Samantha M. Stengel (2), Julie Stevens, Andrew George John Tapas, DeAndra D. Taylor, Joseph C. Thomas, Chanh Nhan Vo, Kristin B. Walker, Jessica L. Washington, Siobhan Webster, Anastasia Wells, Dylan R. White (2), Sean P. Wise, Dariah L. Bain, Jaiqonna N. Bryant, Naykia N. Mayfield, Nia A. Miller

Saint Paul, Minn.

Associate in Arts – Jeremiah M. Werner


Certificate of Completion – Dalton Haven


Associate in Arts – Hannah Nicole Myers**


Certificate of Completion – Emma J. Curtin

Taylor Springs

Associate in Science – Andrew H. Ondesko


Associate in Applied Science – Corrine C. Balcerzak, Rozella Jovita Colbrook, Jordan W. Copley, Brooke C. Critchett, Kimberly S. Lomprez, Allison M. Vaira**

Associate in Arts – Kathryn G. Bryan, Eric M. Harbour*, Alicia S. Mayes, Kyle Gage Sheley
Certificate of Achievement – Travis J. Corpin**, Jaimie Renee Evrley, John Sinnard
Certificate of Completion – Kyle A. Austif, Kellie L. Childers, Eli Donaldson, Sara L. Grigg, Mia N. Lane, Tristin M. Leach, Sherry L. Mathon, Ty Metsker, Jeffrey Nation, Taylor L. Skinner, Brian Vocks


Associate in Arts – Morgan A. Wallace

University City, Mo.
Associate in Arts – Abigail C. Vose

Vail, Ariz.

Associate in Arts – Sergei M. Tarter


Associate in Applied Science – Megan N. Jenkins*, Michelle M. O'Shea, Nancy J. Thiebaud
Associate in Arts – Adam J. Bounds, Paige S. Doyle, Pierce S. Gwinn, Zoe E. Hampton, Dameon R. McKain
Associate in Science – Farren Alea Mae Ackerman*
Certificate of Completion – Andrew M. Baines


Associate in Arts – Addisen R. Parlier           
Certificate of Achievement – Jayden R. Lucassen**
Certificate of Completion – Jayden R. Lucassen, Yarielys M. Vera Landrau 
Associate in Science – Ian James Marvel**
Certificate of Completion – Maggie M. McClelland, Michael A. Schoenherr


Associate in Science – Sydney A. McTaggart*


Associate in Arts – Maddie J. Mutch
Associate in Fine Arts – Faith A. Barnett*
Associate in General Education – Gavin M. Hermes
Certificate of Completion – Lucas Joseph Mitchell Manning

White City

Associate in Arts – Dylan J. Lee


Associate in Applied Science – Rayna D. Craig, Ryan E. Flury, Charles H. Garecht
Associate in Arts – Hunter J. Moser
Associate in Engineering Science – Eric M. Churchill
Certificate of Achievement – Jayden Courtney*
Certificate of Completion – Jayden Courtney, Bethany G. Luce


Associate in Applied Science – Abby Nicole Schone
Associate in Arts – Cameron J. Kraushaar-Bingeman*
Certificate of Completion – Jackson G. Ford


Associate in Applied Science – Tyler B. Wesley
Certificate of Completion – Craig A. Bertolino


Associate in Arts – Taryn L. Ford**