Litchfield Student Club

The mission is to provide opportunities for its members to develop leadership skills, promote student fellowship as well as provide service to the community. It is their goal to allow students attending LLCC-Litchfield to experience student life similar to that on main campus. Membership in Litchfield Student Club (LSC) is open to all LLCC-Litchfield students.

What is the purpose of LSC?

The purpose of this student group shall be to:

  1. Function as student representatives of LLCC-Litchfield
  2. Encourage social and educational interaction between the college and community.

Why join LSC?

Participation in clubs can be an exciting and important part of your college experience. As a club member, you have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, get to know other students, and contribute to the college community.

What are some of the goals of LSC?

  • The enhancement of student learning at LLCC-Litchfield
  • The planning and implementation of social and recreational activities
  • Future goals also include forming a group to assist local charities with community needs

How can I become involved in LSC?

Elections for officers are to be held at the beginning of the fall semester. To run as a LSC candidate you must contact Tisha Miller, LSC advisor. Participating as an officer in the organization sharpens students’ leadership and financial management skills as well as building a solid Student Development Transcript.

Meeting dates are once or twice a month with days being set by the incoming officers. Meeting dates and the latest LSC news are posted around LLCC-Litchfield and on LLCC-Litchfield’s Facebook page. Come join us and bring your ideas. Participation of students can make the difference at LLCC-Litchfield.

Club officers

  • President: Josie Klein
  • Vice President: Raegan Skinner
  • Secretary: Makenna Lutz
  • Treasurer: Shellby Hattenbach

Club advisors

Adrienne Frazier

Tisha Miller

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