Kellee Phillips

The importance of student well-being

Kellee Phillips, LLCC student care coordinator, can be found in her office, which is decorated with motivational quotes and self-care tips and fitted with warm lighting that provides a safe space for students to share their story. When not in the office, Phillips can be found in Cass Gym coaching the LLCC volleyball team.

A staff member and student sit in an office and talk.

“As student care coordinator, it is my goal to provide support for students not only in their college journey but in everyday life. I strive to be the person who will always listen and help,” she says.

Phillips facilitates wellness workshops that teach students relaxation techniques, mental health and wellness practices, and self-care tips. She also helps students navigate wellness resources both on campus and in the community. “College is an exciting opportunity and a major life transition. I want our students to know that we’re here to help them on this new journey, every step of the way,” she explains.

“Kellee’s enthusiasm will be valuable as she builds workshops to assist students in learning skills that promote mental well-being. We’ve been expanding our mental health services for students, and Kellee is continuing to add to them and connect students to the services we provide.” says Shanda Byer, vice president of student services at LLCC.

“Understanding that mental health is a key factor to overall health and wellbeing is very important,” adds Phillips. “Everyone faces adversity in their life, and we all need someone to talk to about those challenges.

Volleyball players stand with their coach in a gym.

As a head volleyball coach and former athlete herself, Phillips implements overall well-being and mental health practices with her student athletes at each practice. “To see the best version of my team, I know that my players need to be well both physically and mentally. The longer I coach, the more I realize how important this is,” she says.

“I want students to know they are never alone. It’s my goal to provide resources and strategies to help all of our students be successful.”

Some self-care tips from LLCC’s student care coordinator:

  • Take a walk outdoors.
  • Call a friend.
  • Bake.
  • Read.
  • Meditate or do yoga.
  • Enjoy your favorite drink, such as a warm cup of cofee or tea.
  • Prioritize sleep.