Student Radiographers Association

Lincoln Land Community College Student Radiographers Association club logo.

The purpose of this student group is to:

  1. Improve student knowledge and skill in their chosen field by participating in Radiography Scholar Bowls and similar competitions held at various state-level conferences.
  2. Promote the profession of medical radiography at the student level by providing a fund-raising mechanism to assist students with professional fees directly related to student professional activities.
  3. Encourage student participation in leadership and student pride within LLCC that will promote similar actions with the state and national Radiography-related organizations upon entry into the field.
  4. Conduct activities to serve and benefit the community at large and to promote community service as a worthwhile goal for our members.

Club advisor

Janelle Murphy

Club officers

  • President: Erin Quinn
  • Vice-President/Secretary: Sydney Skeeters
  • Treasurer: Lexi Mogle